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Families, Friends and Fur Babies

Let's talk about stuffy family photos.  We're not doing those. We're doing fun, giggly, movement involved photos. Will we get some great, smiley photos of your loves? ABSOLUTELY. But we're going to capture those in a way your family gets to enjoy the session and make memories during it.   



I'm a fun loving, adventure seeking photographer who is constantly trying to make my clients laugh and enjoy being in front of the camera! If you aren't having a good time, I'm not doing my job! 

You'll start off filling out a quick questionnaire so I can get to know you and make sure we're a perfect fit. It's mainly questions about you and your SO, so it also allows me to make you more comfortable for your photos! I do my best to make sure your package is right for you, but everyone has to start somewhere! Every package comes with all the edited photos! All my packages are named after dogs I've had or grown up with, so I will always be down to hang out with your fur-babies, too! 
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